Who's Who of Watchmaking: Breguet
Le 16-01-2019

This is one Who's Who of Watchmaking (WWW) that naturally we had to do at some point considering the legacy the name Breguet evokes to all watch lovers.

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The inventiveness of Abraham-Louis Breguet is naturally highly recognised, ranging of course from the tourbillon, but also the first self winding movement watch and the Pendule Sympathique among others. And this is even more so remarkable when you think that in the late 18th century no computer or CNC machines would help you achieve this kind of feat!

In the episode of the day, our goal was really to portrait not only these historic achievements, but also show how this legacy lived on through the years, from good stuff to some more questionable period.

But since the acquisition of this illustrious name by the Swatch Group, the brand has gone through a rather spectacular development spearheaded by none other than Nick Hayek Snr. Actually, Breguet was a total passion of his.

Enjoy & Viva Watchmaking,


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