The Streets Don't Lie - Episode 2 : From Berlin to Salzburg
Le 21-08-2017

Berlin's glistening new architecture is a world away from the concrete blockhouses that tower over the many asphalt pitches of broken dreams. Andres Schröder, 19, regrets succumbing to the pull of the underworld and is now eager to trade the thug life he glamorizes when he spits rhymes for a shot at living legit. A USB monitor implanted in his once-faulty heart, Dami, 22, is the least likely of pro prospects. But with a clean bill of health, he's now ready to show the doubters that he's all heart. Growing up poor with seven siblings, Ismat, 18, carries the hopes of his whole neighborhood. Signed to a pro contract, he was abruptly cast away and blocked from playing anywhere except the streets. A shot at an elite training week at the Red Bull Academy in Salzburg, Austria, awaits the player who proves the Berlin streets don't lie.

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