Jean-Marie Schaller (LOUIS MOINET) honoured with a royal distinction in Malaysia
Le 09-11-2018

As early as 2011, Ateliers Louis Moinet embarked on a long-term partnership with Malaysia to help protect its tropical rainforest. Louis Moinet has contributed to placing the challenge of preserving this rainforest – essential for the future of the planet – at the forefront of current environmental concerns, along with the country of Malaysia itself.

The Belum Temengor rainforest, halfway between the east and west coasts of Malaysia, has been there for 130 million years, making it one of the oldest in the world. It is the favourite haunt of large jungle animals such as the tiger, elephant, and rhinoceros, including 14 mammals under threat of extinction: the Malayan tiger, the sun bear, the Sumatra rhinoceros, the lar gibbon, the Asian elephant, and others. With its Geograph Rainforest model – honoured with a Red Dot Design Award ‘Best of the Best’ distinction – Louis Moinet has contributed to support for the Pulau Banding foundation, which works to preserve the forest and analyse its resources.

The partnership has also given Ateliers Louis Moinet CEO Jean-Marie Schaller the opportunity to meet the King of Malaysia and several of his Sultans on a number of occasions.

Recently, the Raja of Perlis, who was also the 12th King of Malaysia, His Majesty Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin ibni Almarhum, decorated Jean-Marie Schaller with the title of “Darjah Seri Sirajuddin Perlis”. This high-ranking honour seals the special relationship between Jean-Marie Schaller and Malaysia – as well as being a mark of distinction for an independent entrepreneur dedicated to the art of watchmaking.

Jean-Marie Schaller is quite probably the only foreigner ever to have received this prestigious title.


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