Kerbedanz enters the Vatican Museum
Le 04-06-2018

Located on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, the Kerbedanz brand is known for associating its watches with special messages, such as allegories or symbols resembling initiatory journeys, often chosen by customers and understood by them alone.

On its latest one-of-a-kind Armenian Alphabet model, the Maison has replaced the hour-markers by the Armenian alphabet, featuring a highly specific aesthetic involving a combination of enmeshed curves and angles. This mysterious script invented by the monk Mesrop Mashtots in 405 AD is stil in use today.

Presented as a gift to Pope François – who paid a visit to Armenia in June 2016 –, this model will find its place in the Vatican Museum. Gifts of this type are generally auctioned off for charities supported by the Church. Only an infinitely small number of presents join the rich collections of the Vatican, a set of 12 museums comprising 1,400 rooms spread across five galleries.

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