Partnership between Tudor and World Rugby
Le 14-12-2017

On November 26th, Tudor announced a landmark deal with World Rugby to add to the brand’s growing rugby portfolio.

This new multi-layered partnership will see the brand support the sport’s leading events for the men, women and U20s in both the XV and 7’S formats, as well as the World Rugby Hall of Fame and World Rugby Awards.

This year, Tudor launched a new campaign with the “Born To Dare” signature. This signature reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. Daring individuals have long chosen the brand while achieving the extraordinary on land, ice, in the air and underwater. It also refers to the vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Tudor, who manufactured watches to withstand the most extreme conditions, watches made for the most daring lifestyle indeed. It finally tells of the singular approach Tudor is known for today, having pioneered now major trends within the watchmaking industry.

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