RADO - 2017/2018 Swiss Design Prize
Le 06-12-2017

Selected from seven promising projects, the Sterilux medical start-up won the “Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talents.” This innovative sterilisation method was honoured at the prize-giving held on November 3rd 2017.

Mars Spaltenstein, CEO of the award-winning company, along with the designer Jordane Vernet, were officially presented the prize which included the Rado True Phospho, a 1003-piece edition developed in cooperation with the Big-Game design studio.

An authentic revolution in the medical field, Sterilux has developed a new affordable disinfection method, capable of being implemented in unfavourable conditions, for example during electric cuts or in case of polluted water. The ingenious system uses UV light and ozone for sterilisation. Scientists and designers joined forces, working hand in hand towards its development.

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