Cartier opens temporary store until renovation of Manhattan flagship
Le 02-04-2014
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French luxury jeweller Cartier (Richemont) has embarked on a major renovation and enlargement of its historical Manhattan headquarters at closedFifth Avenue and 52nd Street. The store has closed down for a two year renovation, a temporary location being open farther north on Fifth Avenue to the General Motors Building, which is also home to F.A.O. Schwarz and Apple.

Cartier’s new site in the G.M. building had previously housed the studio for “The Early Show” on CBS, and it features 8,000 square feet of selling space, making it the company’s largest United States store, followed by its store in Beverly Hills, Calif., (with 6,300 square feet of selling space). The new store will have 22-foot ceilings and display décor by Bruno Moinard, who designs Cartier stores worldwide.

Emmanuel Perrin, president and chief executive of Cartier International — the United States operation of Cartier, a Richemont brand — said the company had opted to renovate the flagship store because it had “outgrown the size of the boutique and needed more space to take care of our clients.”

The last time the flagship store was renovated was in 2001. Since then, Mr. Perrin said, Cartier has had “incredible footfall. The boutique is aging and she has the advantage to be able to get a face-lift every now and then.”



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