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Le 03-03-2014
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New Faccia a Faccia Additions

From the depths of Bergio, we present the newest additions to our highly popular collection, Faccia a Faccia. Inspired but the warm embrace of a loving kiss and the swirling passionate emotions of two lovers locking lips, this combination of fancy diamonds and other precious stones flirt with eloquent gold curvature to represent an everlasting kiss.

The collection is available in an array of different color metals and stones, sure to match any outfit or mood.

JCK Las Vegas 2014

Bergio is excited to announce its upcoming exhibit at the illustrious JCK Las Vegas 2014 Jewelry Show, where the industry's newest fashions and trends make their debut. Throughout the years Bergio has been known and recognized as a trendsetter in the industry, always experimenting with new styles in order to stay fresh in the midst of stagnancy. We are looking forward to introducing the newest additions to our collection, including the popular Faccia a Faccia.

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