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DELANCE SWISS WATCHES Giselle Rufer Bosphorus Summit
Le 18-05-2018

Giselle Rufer, President and CEO, DELANCE Swiss watches for women


Voir la société

Giselle Rufer feels that she has a mission to inspire and motivate women to be all what they can be. She created DELANCE in 1996; the company is celebrating his 22nd anniversary this year.

Her creation, the DELANCE watch serves as a model of creativity, courage and excellence for all entrepreneurs, women and men alike. As a featured speaker at many conferences, Giselle Rufer share her knowledge with all those who dream of creating their own business.

The driving force in Giselle Rufer’s life is to be in harmony with herself, to do what she loves doing, for those whom she loves. She is a creative, receptive and open person who loves to use her energy and enthusiasm to impart her working philosophy to others.


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